2015 MnSearch Summit Speaker Interview Series: Cyrus Shepard of Moz

We had the opportunity to interview several experts who are speaking at the 2015 MnSearch Summit. Keep reading to learn more about them and what they do prior to the event so that you can get to know these industry leaders as friends and mentors.

And don’t miss Cyrus Shepard from Moz and his session on Friday June 26th at the MnSearch Summit at the Saint Paul RiverCentre!




1. What are you most excited about for the 2015 MnSearch Summit?

The energy and spirit of the Midwest! I grew up about 2 1/2 hours south of St. Paul, and it’s a lovely time of year in Minnesota. Honestly, I can’t wait to hop on the plane. Also, seeing the other speakers – many of them I’ve known for years but still continue to learn from. It should be hugely valuable.

2. What can attendees expect to take away from your session?

I love real world examples of how people do successful SEO. At Moz, we’re in a unique position because we not only teach others SEO, but we also have some very tough SEO problems to solve in-house. I hope people walk away inspired with some cool ideas to take home.

3. What one piece of career advice do you wish someone gave you when you started your marketing career?

Don’t just reach for the stars. Reach and grab them like you own it, because likely you do. Also, blog more.

4. What is the best part about working for MOZ?

Moz invests a lot in its people, so we’re very careful about the hiring process, and there’s a lot of investment such as personal career coaching. The end result is a lot of high-functioning adults who know how to communicate with each other, even when the conversation is tough.

5. What is the biggest SEO mistake that you still see organizations making in 2015?

Non-unique content. Time and time again. Category pages with lists of links and scraped product descriptions. Blah!

6. What have you always loved or wondered about the State of Minnesota?

How did everyone get so beautiful?

7. What one MOZ tool or report do you find extremely useful, yet doesn’t get used as much as you think it should?

I’ll list 3:

  1. Full SERP Analysis located in the Keyword Difficulty Tool. Provides a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape and why a keyword is ranking.
  2. Fresh Web Explorer for new link monitoring.
  3. Link Opportunities in Open Site Explorer.

All of these are paid products; which is perhaps why they are under-utilized, but they definitely deserve a look.

Before You Go

Don’t forget to check out all of the 2015 MnSearch Summit speakers. And make sure to register to attend as soon as possible. Early bird pricing ends on May 1st!

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